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Starting with Git — Resource Links

I’ve been sending out this information quite a bit (all in different emails). I figured this would make a perfect follow up to Learning Version Control, and I might as well just make a blog post with this information and then send people the link instead of searching aimlessly in my email for all this.

Git Interfaces

There are two different ways you can run git on windows (well, more, but these are the two I recommend):

GitExtensions — this is the easiest to pick up:

Git bash (command line) — this is the most powerful. A lot of times things are easier via the command line:

    • IMPORTANT: When you are install this version, after you’ve started the installer, make sure you select the “simple” git version with git bash and git gui (not git cheetah)

You can install both (in which case you may not want to install the git gui from git-scm), so you have a visual and command line interface.

Pro Git, by Scott Chacon

The most important chapters are 1-4, and 9 (if you want to really understand what is going on in the plumbing of git). If you’re using this for personal use, you can get a free copy here:

Alternatively, you can support the author by buying Pro Git from Amazon.

The MSEAE git repo URL

2 thoughts on “Starting with Git — Resource Links”

  1. This is super useful Nancy! I’d even make a separate page on your blog so this tutorial can stay up and easy to find for longer.

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