Armadillo Smash N' Roll!, Game Dev Adventures!

Game Proto-Publishable 4, Week 1! This is it!

CrAZy! For real! This is the last prototype. EXCITING. Sad. Relieving. 🙂

The professors had us create our own teams. I’m not sure this was the best move, but I’m not upset with the team I ended up on. I was actually having a bit of anxiety over the whole thing as it felt like it was going to be the last kid picked for kick ball all over again, only grad school style. Essentially, that’s what happened. However, as soon as Roger gave us the go, Casey stood on his chair and said,

“Brad and I are on a team. Who wants to join us? Artists, engineers?”

There was a bit of an awkward silence, but heck, I wasn’t going to leave them standing, and Casey was a producer I’d been wanted to work with. So I turned around and said,

“Casey, I’ll be on your team.” While he confirmed that I had indeed agreed to be on his team, the rest of the class began to move about. After confirming Casey called out to Brad,

“Brad! We got Nancy!”:)

Robert and Gagan soon joined us and thus our destiny was defined.

Casey really wanted us to take our time in deciding what our game would be since it was our last one. So we all really thought out what we wanted to do and pitched a ton of ideas. We met after class, we met on Wednesday before class, and then took a quick vote and landed on a marble type game. We pitched some crazy ideas for the art:

An orange vs toy army men and when the orange dies: orange juice!

An eyeball and maggets.

My favorite though, beyond it being my idea, was the armadillo. They’re just so cute! I mean, look at this guy! He’s so adorable!


Robert has had quite a bit of experience with Unity so after we decided on our marble smash game on Wednesday, on the bus ride home he made up a prototype! So for the first time ever, for our game pitch, we had a first playable. It was so awesome. Robert had the insight to not include any vision of the art style since we were still deciding on it and I think that really helped our group’s presentation go over better: it was just about the game and what was fun about it. Casey did an excellent job pitching and it went over really well.

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