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Game Proto-Publishable 4, Week 2 — Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Armie

This week was Thanksgiving! Lots of turkey and yummy food. Yet our team continued to make strides forward.

Tobiah from Microsoft, and creator of Blast Monkeys (a number one android app for several months), came to our lab to talk to us! It was really cool because while everyone else was having their standups and waiting for the lecture to start, Randy, (Microsoft evangelist who had spoken to us last week) came over to our group with Tobiah and I showed him our game and let him play. He loved it and then proceeded to give us some awesome feedback, particularly about the game name: that it should include something about smashing and crashing.

Then we got to hear quite a bit from Tobiah on how he made a #1 app. It was so awesome!! We got to ask him tons of questions and he was great. Then he went around to each of the groups and since he’d already played our game we just got five minutes of straight up amazing feedback: how to handle the acceloremeter, how to market, etc. It was an awesome experience!

We finally had time then to look at Gagan’s 2nd playable. He removed Robert’s art and made a sphere that was controlled by momentum. He created a ramp to go up on and I was the only one in the group to do it the first time. I got skills. πŸ™‚

Gagan’s playable changed how we were going to handle some things though so we had to have a quick discussion: we removed the walls because I thought it’d be fun if the player could fall off the platform and die, and we discussed how to move things around. Gagan’s playable also used the physics engine and he was getting a number of bugs so I helped him resolve those. We also decided to work with git as our version control so I spent a good amount of time setting Robert and Gagan up with git and showing them the ropes.

Robert also sent us some of his concept art which looked great!

Eyeball and maggets:


Armadillo vs sci-fi robots:




And the winner is: Armie the armadillo! YEAH!!

Then it was Thanksgiving time!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


Armie, The Adorable!, Armadillo

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