Armadillo Smash N' Roll!, Game Dev Adventures!

Game Proto-Publishable 4, Week 3 — Adding Features

Gagan was having lots of issues with getting git working on his home computer so I made the decision to switch us back to SVN which we were using week one when Robert made his first prototype. SVN doesn’t play nearly as nice with Unity, but it made it easier for Gagan, so it was worth it.

I made the in-game player dashboard including the timer, points tracker, and the lives tracker. It went through a couple iterations and I couldn’t quite figure out how to make the 3D Texture not blurry. I also added in Robert’s sphere’s for smashing against.

I also contacted Tobiah and thanked him for his amazing feedback, and while I was at it slipped in some of the names we were thinking about. He responded very quickly and gave us some awesome ideas for the game name. With his feedback we decided on “Armadillo Smash N’ Roll!” I like it!

Besides that I spent most of my time helping Gagan and Robert with bugs, and with just generally keeping things organized. Robert made an amazing 3D Armie the Armadillo (our original name) and animation, but it didn’t play nice with Gagan’s movement. Gagan spent nearly all his time trying to get that to work while I helped Robert and Brad with getting levels built and fixing other bugs. Robert  was also able to get in other enemies and their animations in the game.

I was always in charge of everything UI, so I finally got some time Thursday to draw some things out with Robert about how we wanted the UI to work. It wa a good collaboration because we both saw diffeent needs. I thought all I needed was his art to finish the UI. Turns out, as soon as I looked at his art, I realized that I was wrong and that I had a lot of work cut out for me with the UI.

However, since Gagan was busy doing movement bug fixes, and just as i was handed the UI wireframe, I got handed to figure out how to do the build and to side-load it onto a tablet. I spent the rest of my time Thursday gathering information on how to build to Windows8 store. Long story short, it is a pain!! There is no one place you can go to that lays it out. I was all over the internet and it took me, and the rest of the teams, into the next week to figure it all out.

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