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Game Proto-Publishable 4, Week 5 — Submitting for Certification

We did a LOT of work on this game and it was fun to see it all come together with all the work and additions that we did after the post-mortem. Gagan, Robert, Brad, and I put in a TON of hours to get it done over the weekend.

The buttons have been updated from this screenshot. They’re very snazzy now. They’re rounded and gray, and on hover they are a very cool orange.

I added in the “real” UI complete with feedback buttons (complete with a form that sends us an email!), replay, next map, and a “How to Play” screen. Robert did all the art, though occasionally Gagan helped me pull out assets from Robert’s art.


We built all the levels, got the colors down for the overhead map, I got someone to play test the first level so we could decide on the amount of time, got rid of actor mesh, IO (by removing it since our game isn’t currently dependent on it), and many, many more errors.

Gagan, Brad and I stayed in the game lab til 4AM Saturday night to get it done and submitted. Around 1:30am they started saying let’s just come back, but I knew I wasn’t coming back (especially cause we would have just spent more and more time on it), so we stayed. It was fun and painful all at the same time!

At one point I just needed the master and Gagan and Brad needed a break. So while I was busy working, they made paper planes and had a competition. 🙂

But we got it all built and submitted. Yeah!


On Monday I had several people asking me how to build and submit to Windows8 so I sent my notes to self on the process the whole cohort. I told them to tell me if there was anything wrong, since they were just my notes to me, and I know people used them because two of the producers added notes to mine. I’m glad I could turn it around and help out my cohorts.

Hailin also asked me in the lab to help her out with building. Her team depends on IO (they read in the narrative to output to screen), so we did some research together on that. From what we found it is going to be a lot of work on her part to get it to standard with Windows 8. Windows 8 is a bit of a pain to work with. It is very particular and the notes on how to post to the store and the requirements, especially with libraries, and with Unity, etc. are all over the place, and sometimes extremely hard to find, if you can find them at all.

And so, I have attached my notes on how to build from Unity to Visual Studio 2013, to the Win8 store. I don’t know everything you have to do for certification, but I do know how to get it built at least.

If you use the notes and find anything wrong, some important details that have been left out, or a better way, please let me know in the comments below!

Deploying a Game from Unity to Windows 8 Store Notes


Brad called me late Tuesday (yesterday as I write this) to ask me my opinion on what to put for description and notes to testers for the certification submission. We got Casey involved in editing and it turned out very nice, and Brad submitted!

Thank goodness Brad figured all that stuff out! And Casey has been busy on making a website and media pages for our game. So grateful for my producers!

Oh no!

Brad called me early Wednesday morning (or today as I write this) to let me know we’d failed certification but it didn’t look like a lot of errors. The big one was it wasn’t working with touch as we anticipated. This was a hard thing to test because my team only got the tablet for a few minutes at a time and most of the time I “had” it I was sharing it with other teams who were trying to figure out the deployment to tablet. Once that got figured out I didn’t see the tablet again! I did have my laptop which rotates into a tablet, but it isn’t a true tablet because it’s still behaves like the real PC it is, so the touch on my computer doesn’t work like it does on a tablet, which is why it didn’t work for the Win8 Store testers like we’d hoped.

However, Microsoft donated three tablets to our lab. They only came in yesterday, but it is going to be a big help to at least my team. Hopefully they have accelerometers!

There is more to this story that has yet to have happened. We’re going to do whatever we need to do to get this published, but first Gagan and I have to finish our monster final C++ assignment that’s due Friday. We have to write a memory manager! Despite it being Wednesday, I don’t know how much I’ll be able to get done. It took Joe, our professor, eight hours to program his. We don’t have to have ours working (accept for alloc and free), but the more we have done the better our grade, and he’ll also be looking over our other code which I know I want to beef up a bit. Lots to do! I’ll probably spend the rest of today and all of Thursday and Friday up to the due time (midnight Friday) working on it. I know Gagan will be doing the same.

Stay tuned…

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