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Game Proto-Publishable 4, Week 6: And… PUBLISHED!! WOOT WOOT!!

Phew! Week 6 of the proto-publishable was a rough one! The professors continued to add more “final” projects onto an already full load so sleep I did not. All us engineers had a memory manager due, of which the professor only gave us one half of a lecture on to make it from, Friday at midnight. After two very long days making that, it was actually kind of fun though I spent all my free time on it (and I nailed it! Totally got an A in engineering!), Gagan and I headed over to the game lab for what turned out to be a very long night. Team Monkey Love Hippo also didn’t pass certification, and so Binoy also joined us.

Despite a very long day, it was actually really fun. We all worked on both games: Binoy helped us and we helped him. I helped Gagan with UI aspects of movement, Binoy helped Gagan with sound, I helped Binoy with UI, Gagan helped with photoshop projects, and I did all the builds. Ha, at one point I told Binoy (who needed a break from making his game) to go help Gagan with sound while I did his UI because he couldn’t get it working. Brad occassionally called in to check in on us, and then I gave him a call when we finished our build and uploaded it to the windows 8 store. I then helped Binoy get theirs published. At 4am we called it quits! And by quits I mean we went to Binoy’s and played games til 6am when which is when we all finally conked out.

I was sick with worry all weekend that we’d missed something and would have to head into the lab again, again on our holiday break! Brad called me at 11am at work on Monday and told me the news. “So, yeah, they finally got back…” Oh great, back to the lab, I thought. “So Yeah, uh, we’re published.” Screams of joy ensued.
The levels still need some major tweaking and we’re working on fixing the controls. There have been some major issues with them so I’m very proud of the quick solution we came up with that very long Saturday/Sunday in order to get the game published to Windows 8, but they’re still not quite there for the game play. Really the game’s momentum based movement was optimized for an accelerometer or mouse, and we had to make it work with touch (because of Microsoft’s certification for publication requirements), which ended up being a bit of a hack job. Also the levels, after we finally had some time for playtesting, need some tweaking.

Despite the control and level tweaks that need to be made, Armadillo Smash N’ Roll! is still a super fun game to play! It’s just a little hard to beat! I dare you to pass level three!! 😀 Remember all this when you download the game; don’t be too harsh in your critiques. Give us 5 stars so we’ll come out with improved future releases. (We are working on it!) You can get Armie the adorable armadillo’s game here.

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