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Game Projects I: Week 8 — Crunch Time

One week to industry panel! We knew this game was going to be difficult to make, so no one was surprised by the amount of work left to do before the industry panel.

At this point I had had conversations about how to do the ghosts on several occasions with Owen, Binoy, and especailly Shane who was always more than willing to help out with creating meshes and art whenever we asked. I was having another such conversation, drawing up problems and possibilities with Sean, Owen, and Ryan, when my fellow mathematician, Skip Fowler, listened in to our conversation and we started talking about how I was going to calculate the metrics for the ghosts and place them in the scene (neither an easy nor straightforward task). It started like this.

Skip: “How are you going to do that?” Curious.

Me: I explained several of the issues of with having to place an object on the scene when it’s position is determined dynamically by two different sets of inputs but is also reliant on track position.

Skip: “How are you going to do that?” Truly pondering the scale of the problem.

We then talked lengthily about the mathematics behind calculating the metric of distance in R3. Thank goodness for his real analysis background. The solution, long term, is line integrals! Genius! Knowing the answer in myself, but wanting confirmation I asked Skip if I could do it in a week. He laughed and shook his head. “No way.”

All righty then, back to where I was at. I had to come up with a cheat.

The other issue was placing the car on the track. Once I knew the metric I was also having issues placing it in the right position. It was a continual issue.

Shane had designed a new 3D track and Binoy had conquered the flip turns, at least enough for a playable demo. So it was my challenge to get the ghosts in the right positions.

I spent the weekend in the lab. Shane was often there, and at times Binoy, but mostly Shane. Brad joined us as well to make videos and prepare the slidedeck for the presentation.

I got a little frustrated with not being able to get something to work. Shane’s new 3D track allowed me to still cheat the metric easily: z-displacement. But it also introduced a huge problem: Now the rotation of z was also dependant on the relative position of the player to the track. Calculating the rotation of the ghost dynamically had already proved a problem earlier in the process and it wasn’t proving any simpler.

So I decided to add something flashy. I gave both the cars trail renderers and added some particle effects to the car that was in the lead determined by the same metric as the ghosts. The trail renderer added another visual cue to the player about where their opponent had gone if they were behind by only a couple seconds. And if they were “in the lead” the particle effects gave them a visual cue for that as well. The two together added to the ultimate goal of communicating to the player their relative distance from their opponent without using a HUD, and added to the overall head-to-head feeling.

I then returned to the issue of the ghosts and HUZZAH! At the end of the night with some creative ray casting (at least I thought it was creative) and special meshes from my artist I got the ghosts to follow the correct path! WHAT!!! It was so exciting! There were several cheats still in play, but it was working in 3D space.

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