Game Dev Adventures!

Game Projects I: Week 9 — Industry Panel

The industry panel was awesome! We were one of the only teams where the industry panel couldn’t decide which of our games we should move forward with. They were very polarized: very passionate about both the games. We got, “You must make this game!” for both games! Rory from Eat Sleep Play came up to me after the panel and we talked about the difficulties of the ghosts. He’d worked on a game with the same idea and they had finally scrapped the idea because they were never satisfied with how it felt. It was also very time consuming engineering wise which meant it took a lot of time away from playing with other things in the game. It was very reassuring to me that even industry professionals struggled with what I was trying to accomplish because it meant that I wasn’t the only one having issues with it!

The industry panel told us to get rid of the ghosts (for aforementioned reasons), but Owen, Binoy and myself still felt they were a valid part of the game. Especially with our playtests where when the ghosts were missing the players got quickly disinterested.

The following day the faculty gave us some feedback too. They were again mixed. The one thing that crept up continually for Make a Man Thinketh was that it should be mobile. Roger gave some great feedback for Ragwheel as well. He said that the ghosts weren’t a bad idea they were just pitched poorly. He then suggested the perfect new name for the ghosts: projections. 

The following days we got together and discussed the possibilities of both the games. I had spoken with several people on the MAMT project, and the game was about to be abandoned. Then I pitched the game as a 3D mobile game and everyone jumped on board: Shane, Sean, Binoy and myself. Binoy told me I was killing it with the ideas. Even Dayna said she’d go for it, and even though Hailin loved the 2D she was willing to try out 3D for the sake of our artist who is a 3D artist.

Casey also approached me and asked if I was going to be lead writer on Make a Man Thinketh and that got me thinking about another aspect of myself that I love.

Ultimately we couldn’t decide on a game and so decided to take spring break and the week of GDC to think over the possibilities.


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