Game Dev Adventures!

Game Projects I: Week 12 — Pulling the Trigger, Lead Engineer

Tuesday we finally pulled the trigger on the game we were going to make. We got lots of good feedback at GDC and we believed that we could do either. My favorite feedback was what Sean shared and that was when he pitched Ragwheel with projections (instead of as ghosts) the persons he pitched it to immediately grasped the idea and liked it.

We were split though and had to get the faculty to help us vote. The deciding factor was a weighted vote: each person got three votes that they could put towards whichever game they wanted. The vote was close: 17 to 13. Make a Man Thinketh won. I was fine with either game so I am not disappointed.

We then immediately had an engineer meeting about which engine we would make the game in. We discussed several: flash, flex, unity, gamemaker, flat red ball, and scratch. We also got our artist in on the conversation and we all decided the same thing: Unity.

I then organized the team into writing and design teams.

Most of our class time was taken up on Thursday with a lecture. Directly afterwards we had a meeting to choose leads. I was surprised by the overwhelming nominations I received in getting voted in as engineer lead. While others who got nominated for their lead roles got passively voted in by others, I had multiple people nominate me, giving reasons and support for the role. I felt very honored.

I then went to my desk and thought about what had happened. I was lead. That’s a huge responsibility.

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