Game Dev Adventures!

Game Projects I: Week 13 — Engine, AI, Story

I organized the engineering team and gave them their roles, or rather defined the roles within what they wanted to do. Binoy and myself were the game engine engineers. I was lead and he was assistant lead. We would do any necessary partner programming and fill in wherever necessary. I also managed version control. Hailin was lead gameplay programmer, and Dayna lead AI.

Engineering team go together and we had what was basically a mini design meeting. We broke up the work and research that we would need to do the engine (more below), AI, and gameplay. We came up with our second prototyping plan: choosing between thoughts popping up or having to click, and a 3D camera. Hailin was in charge of this. I and Binoy partnered with her as necessary.

Binoy and I really wanted to explore multiple options on the game engine which included the possibility of making our own. I was never able to get full support from the producers on this effort despite the research that Binoy and I were able to do that showed we should have been able to do it if we were making a simple 2D point-click game.

I explored bindings between c# and c++, outside libraries like SFML, we could use to improve our engine quickly. I also did research for fmod and wise for sound and their c++ “plugins”.

We also had our writing meeting and came up with a story that we all agreed on. We pitched the idea to the whole team later and the professors and they all agreed on the idea and the professors told us we could move forward with it. We came up with the characters as well. It’s a really fun story!


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