Game Dev Adventures!

Game Projects I: Week 14 — A Blur

So much is going on right now in this semester! This week is a bit of a blur and it just happened! Here’s what I remember…

Dayna, Sean and I had an AI design meeting. We discussed the properties the AI should have, how we would design their reactions, and how to make it a dynamic AI system so that the narrative would be more f an immergent rather than a branching narrative. it was a really cool discussion. I left it to Dayna as lead AI and Sean as lead design to manage the recording and implementation of our meeting.

I did a lot of partner programming this week helping Hailin and Dayna with what they were doing. Binoy was doing research into reading in from xml and came up with a demo and I discussed the issues with doing that with him. I also took Hailin’s prototype and built it to Windows 8 tablet, which is not as simple as it seems. It took us two hours to get it worked out as we couldn’t quite remember how to do it. It took Me, Hailin, and Binoy to get it.

Roger came in and gave us some feedback about our story. What it needed was a topical hook. Two of the producers took this as our story sucked and a two-hour argument broke out. All the writers agreeing that all that needed to be done was to come up with a hook, and the two producers arguing that the story had to change. It really put a hamper in my work. This wasn’t uncommon actually. Arguments like this happened a lot among the producers. The engineers mostly didn’t know about them though because I mitigated all the arguments and then just passed on the feedback/direction that I got from these discussions so that they could focus on their work.

Bob talked with the engineers about what was new as he wanted to make sure we had something new we could show. We had a new story, new engine. Yes, yes he nodded to that but what else? We’re going to demo the game on tablets. Okay he said. Get to it.



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