Game Dev Adventures!

Game Projects I: Week 15 — New Design Meetings!

We got a playable point-click in 3D. The producers started to argue about the camera, but I suggested we just prototype some different ones and see what was best rather than waste time arguing. That stopped the argument, at least from happening around me. Hailin was able to quickly make the camera prototypes and we were able to play test them. After giving them all a go we decided to go with an angled camera that was Diablo-like: it followed the characters position, but never rotated (like a third person camera is always rotates when the character does, ours just followed the positon of the character, never rotating).

When I noticed that things weren’t moving along in design and story and even from art in a way that I needed as lead engineer because there was no unified vision, I talked with my friend Brenton Walker about the issues we were facing. He told me how his team was organized and how they do a 30 minute design meeting every class period right after stand up. That’s were tey come up with their list of to dos and pass then allow the leads to pass on tasks to their teams.

I thought that was an excellent idea so I proposed it to the team and they all agreed. And so on Thursday we had our first ever design meeting. It helped us nail down so many of the issues and come up with a unified design to move forward with. This design meeting was critical for us to be able to make the game.

This was a key point in turning our idea into a working demo. Without the design doc there was nothing firm that we could focus our efforts on. Everyone was working hard, but a lot of it was on long term efforts, some of it on extraneous tasks, and the short term goal for EAE day was going to be missed.

With the design doc created and updated from the meeting I was able to divvy out all the work that needed to be done to all the engineers and to our artists so we had everything we needed.

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