EAE 6320-001 GameEngII Game Engine Project, Game Dev Adventures!

Assignment 13: Build System!

This week’s game: simple one-click download below, unzip, play, enjoy!

NancyNewren_ExampleGame 13

What’s new
Nothing from the player’s perspective. Just built using my new build system!

Main object: Use arrow keys to move main object left/right/up/down
Left/Right (A/D), Up/down (W/S), Zoom in/out (Q/E)
(When moving the camera things in the world will appear to move opposite. Thus when you move camera left, the world will appear to move right.)

About the Project

I freaking love my new build system! It saves so much time! I have a file where I list all my graphics assets that need to be built for the game. The build system then checks this list of assets to see if they already exist, if so if there is a newer source version or if the builder itself is newer, and then it will only build if necessary. That means once I build everything (which can take several minutes) it takes less than a second to build again because my system is being smart. It’s so nice!

There are big advantages to having a list of all the assets to build in their own file: it is quick and easy to update, and you don’t have to search through other code. It’s also easy to see any bugs, and to add new features as well.

Of course this list isn’t everything that needs to be built: there are licenses and settings files that need to be copied over into the playable game folder, but the system checks for those as well. It saves so much time! Especially since we have two different platforms and two different build configuration types, which means we have to build and test for four total different build configurations. When you have to wait several minutes every time you build, every time you test a simple change, it very quickly adds up to taking hours! I’m so grateful for this new build system. Thanks JP for having us do it! 🙂

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