Ph.D. Adventures!

Puppy Dogs Are Distracting (Ph.D. Year 2, Spring Update 2)


First student presentation class went well, my TA is killing it (he’s been very great), I feel mostly on top of things, and I really like being Professor Blackburn. Missed the FDG deadline for my first SGD , so retargated to CHIPlay. Doggies are good for emotional wellbeing therapy. Etc. (Read below.)

Weekly Update Breakdown

Accomplishments Since Last Update

  • Research Writing (SDG theory)
    • Completed writing the paper from start to end! Phew! I’m so tired! Lots of refining left to do. We’re aiming for CHIPlay. If we miss we’ll find another venue. It’s a lot of work!
    • I have another paper, a lit review, I’ve already started writing and I am targeting IEEE tog. The good thing about that one is that I can submit anytime the paper is ready. It’s good to have a deadline, but it’s nice to have a paper that I don’t have stress about deadlines for too.
  • Research (Project CODE)
    • I got to lead the meeting last time! That was fun. We went over “How to Read a Paper,” MDA+GFI and FBS frameworks, and discussed gameplay.
  • Teaching
    • First student team presentation went really well.
    • My TA, Joseph Conrad, is killing it. So grateful I got a B.S. English TA. He’s great and keeps up with the class very well.
    • Wrote up Game Design Snacks end of module assignment instructions
    • Feel like I might be on top of things. I maybe spend too much time on the course, but it is fun for me.
  • Dailies
    • Self-Care
      • It’s good to have the get the top two done + 1 more and call it good because that was pretty much every day last week.
      • I didn’t stick to my fitness goals as much as I would have liked, but I still did something most days.
    • Achievement
      • I realized that I wasn’t working on my more focus areas (anything other than my top priorities) because I had no set tasks planned for the for the day like I do for the top ones So I finally wrote down tasks to complete
  • Executive
    • I remembered about Sunday Meetings! I can’t remember exactly how to do them, but I did sit down and write out my Achievement areas, the top goal(s) I want to accomplish in them, and then the tasks I need to do this week. I already have accomplished more this week on my more goals because of this.

Next Week’s Tasks

  • Writing (SDG Theory)
    • Finalize the paper for CHIPlay submission
    • When that is complete, IEEE tog lit review paper 🙂
  • Research (Project CODE)
    • Use the SDG theory to start design of our artifact (we need to get cracking!)
  • Teaching
    • Create/Publish Quiz 4
    • Post Game Design Snacks Instructions
  • Dailies
    • Self-Care
      • Get up at my alarm time and start on self-care right away. (Maybe have the kiddos send me text messages if I’m in my office when they are ready/leaving).
    • Achievement
      • Do my Sunday Meeting and week review with planned daily tasks for each achievement focus area

Speed Bumps & Obstacles

  • Research Writing (SGD theory)
    • I don’t know the deadline for CHIPlay.
    • If we miss CHIPlay, what’s next?
  • Teaching
    • I think I might be spending a little too much time on teaching tasks, but it is really fun for me. I am enjoying it.
  • Executive
    • I don’t recall exactly how to do Sunday Meetings, and Dr. Rogelio mentioned doing a task review, but I don’t remember when/how that is supposed to happen.
  • Puppy Dogs
    • Yesterday I spent more time playing with my dog when I needed to be doing other tasks. She’s just so cute and I wanted to make her happy. Then this morning I spent a good two hours shopping for dog food storage, customizable collars, and other doggie items. Was supposed to be doing teaching tasks… That said, when I was really despondent on Tuesday (after missing the FDG deadline) she was a great emotional support to me. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so distracted??

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