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Guess Who’s in the Big Leagues Now? (Ph.D. Year 2, Spring Update 10)


Started a code structure plan for the simulation of Project CODE Switch with Dr. Cardona-Rivera (featured image). I got offered a position to teach again this fall! I will be teaching the second-year master’s students EAE 6330: Game Engineering III! 🥰 Wrote a syllabus draft for the course. Kept picking away at my SGD theory paper. Just two classes left until the end of the semester. I’m super excited about summer! 

Weekly Update Breakdown


For anyone keeping track, I’ve now taught a senior-level undergraduate course and will be teaching a second-year master’s level course this fall. Look at me know! Ha ha! This is not to brag, I’m just really, really excited! It will also look really great on my CV.

Next Week’s Tasks

  • Writing (SGD theory)
    • Write discussion
    • Finish revisions
  • Research (Project CODE)
    • Complete code structure
    • Implement sim
  • Teaching
    • S2021
      • Create last quiz
      • Analyze quiz results of last couple quizzes
      • Decide on (if?) extra credit assignment
    • F2021
      • Complete syllabus draft/turn it in/get it approved. ☺️
  • Self-care dailies
    • Keep up at least a 5-minute daily exercise through the end of the semester

Speed Bumps & Obstacles

Just feeling a little short on time and a tiny bit overwhelmed!


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