80’s Arcade: MOD

Test your gamer skills against this difficult arcade game! Remember it only counts as winning if you carry the plumber with you to the little blue “door” at the bottom. You’re wearing heels so you can’t jump on/off ladders, and carrying him really slows you down, but you can’t leave him behind! Jump over the barrels or, in a pinch, throw him at a barrel to avoid getting hit yourself. He’s a man. He can take it! At least a couple times…

This game is really tough. Many have played. Few have won. Good luck!

This is concept art for future levels that sadly will never be made.

Play now for free on the web!

Platform: Web
Controls: Noted on the webpage. Be sure to click on the game window before attempting to make your escape!


Nancy Newren: gameplay engineer, player controller, design, and the juiciest and most important part: the plumber toss!
Tools used: ActionScript, git
Rest of the Team: Swapnil Sawant (engineer), James Hulse (producer/engineer), Christopher Cherrington (artist), Travis Turner (producer)

What Inspired Us

Just for promoting girl power, I had to include this fun little game we made in ActionScript. The assignment was to take an 80’s arcade game and riff off of it. We decided to base our game off the arcade game where a certain plumber goes against a certain giant monkey; only this time the woman gets to be the hero! That poor, tall plumber dressed in green did everything but stay conscious after defeating that monkey. Now this strong woman has to carry his heavy self out of the building and all the while jumping over and dodging barrels, in a dress and high heels no less! Her date just had to end badly…


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