Prideful Eyes

You are a shadow in the universe and the light has its prideful eyes on you. There is no sure safety: on mutual destruction.

Praise for this game:

“I like how the physics movement is free form.

Jose Zagal Ph.d. (Associate Professor, EAE Univeristy of Utah)

“I like the character. He looks funny.

Ezekiel Newren (Computer Scientist, Gamer, Cryptographer)

“This is my favorite part!”

Edward Newren on Falling (Software Engineer 40+ years)

“I like the circular movement of the lights.”

Several people (gamers and game developers)


Dive in now:

Free download: Prideful Eyes

Platform: PC
Controls: WASD/Arrows to move, space to jump. Esc to quit. R to restart the level

Genre: Experimental. A dark twist on experiential 3rd person games
Genre Inspirations: 3rd person, physics based movement, experiential


Nancy Newren: Original concept, Sole developer, AI, game design, level design, more
Tools used: Unity, C#, git

Special Thanks: Jose Zagal for the theme, Ezekiel Newren for sparking the game idea.


Read more about the inspiration and development journey here.


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