To Save or NOT to Save…

You are Rudey, a cool guy who finds himself in a universe alien to him. Impending destruction hovers over the unaware but cutest of inhabitants: bunnies. It’s always bunnies! Unsure of what to do next, and unknown here, you find yourself immediately faced with a decision: to save or NOT to save them. Even your indecision leads to consequences that are inescapable. What do you choose?


To Save or NOT to Save is an ethical dilemma game where player decisions create game-world consequences which the avatar is forced to experience. Careful your decisions! They are not free!

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Platform: PC premium (but could be modified for mobile later on)
Controls: Movement is WASD/Arrow Keys, and “E” for the quick time event for bunny saving

Genre: Experimental
Genre Inspirations: Runners, push your luck, 3D platformers


Nancy Newren: Everything! Original concept, game design, gameplay programming, unique camera, UI/UX, more
Tools used: Unity, C#, git, brains 😉

Special Thanks: Jose Zagal for providing the theme (Push Your Luck!)

Continue exploring this universe by reading below to discover how this game was created.

Want to learn more?

Read the inspiration and development journey here.



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