Ph.D. Adventures!

Getting Stuff Done (Ph.D. Year 2, Spring Update 8)


10 days in to the 14-day writing challenge. The extra accountability has really helped me burst through internal resistance I had to doing more revisions; I have accomplished a ton of work in the related works: dug through lots of paper citations and found core papers to cite. I also started writing a second paper that is positional and digging through the citations was key for me to start working on it (It has been on my mind for over two years now). As far as teaching: I’m sick of writing quizzes for my class, just two more to go though. Personally, I designed a layout for our laundry room and my husband has been putting that together. The new paint color is fab-u-lous!

Weekly Update Breakdown

Accomplishments Since Last Update

  • Writing (SGD theory)
    • Discovered a core paper to cite for chocolate broccoli by Amy Bruckman, who is, as far as I can tell, the person who first coined it (calling it chocolate-dipped broccoli). And… she was my favorite professor’s advisor! (I just can’t get away from Dr. Cardona-Rivera and Dr. Zagal! LOL!)
    • Started work on the theoretical backdrop revisions
  • Research (Project CODE)
    • Wrote up some coding standards and put them in the Game Maker notes. Need to go over with Sarah to implement.
    • Sarah made a readme → I put it in a note. 🙂
    • I’m bumbling my way through GameMaker, but I think I’ve got some things figured out. Haven’t merged yet with Sarah but will soon. I have been working on the sim. It’s mostly placeholder code for now, but will get us where we need to go I think.
  • Teaching
    • So sick of writing quizzes. Thank goodness my TA has been on the ball. One of my students has abandoned his team and isn’t even responding to me, so I might have to fail a student. So sad. 😦
  • Self-care
    • I am loving how our new laundry room is coming along! I love that I can draw up designs and my husband and can build it. So awesome. Will include pictures when done. 🙂
  • Executive
    • Completed the NCFDD’s core curriculum #3 on how to do a daily writing practice which I thought worked out great with the challenge I’m doing right now. I didn’t expect to learn anything, but I did. Glad I was open to doing it.
      • Added an end of week assessment which will aid in my weekly planning
      • Want to add a daily writing progress tracking.

Next Week’s Tasks

  • Writing (SGD theory)
    • I wanted to complete the revisions this week, but it looks like it will take me through til next week.
    • Track daily writing progress
  • Research (Project CODE)
    • Finish sim
    • Start on hero pool
  • Teaching
    • Quiz 12 this week, Quiz 13 next week.
  • Self-care
    • Continue with dailies
  • Executive
    • End of week assessment + weekly planning
  • Personal
    • Celebrate two-year anniversary with my honey 🙂

Speed Bumps & Obstacles

  • Research (Project CODE)
    • Might be good to have a coding sync meeting with Sarah. Probs 10 minutes or less
  • Teaching
    • Do I have to write quizzes? ;P
  • Executive/Writing
    • I would like to add a daily writing progress tracker. Wondering if Rogelio has one he could let me use, or knows where I could get one.