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So Far So Good! (Ph.D. Year 1, Spring Week 7)


I stuck with my research time and was able to make an outline for my literary review and recoded some of the articles within my literary review. I’ve also set out a timeline for the rest of the semester for the simulation educational research I’m doing with Dr. Wiese. And I went to Nevada for the weekend to visit a family friend. I also now have a 38 out of 40 charms in Hollow Knight.

For the Interested Reader:


I listed my accomplishments in the TL DR. One thing I didn’t mention is that I started doing Hackerrank challenges in C++. I’m doing one challenge a day pretty much. It’s been a lot of fun; once I finish a challenge I ask myself if I can do it better, if I can do it in place, if I can use a different structure, etc., and I think through those things since that’s usually how my technical interviews have gone. It’s also fun just to see if there is an improvement that can be made.

What’s next

  • I need to create a 3-week plan for Dr. Wiese on for what we’re going to do for the next three weeks.
  • I need to look into creating an IRB for my researcher with Dr. Wiese.
  • There is an article I need to read called fostering the intelligent novice.
  • Figure out how to do citations in latex.
  • The stick with my research times and keep plugging away at my literary review.
  • As always, coursework.
  • Personal goals.


  • Figure out how to do citations in Latex