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Jump on Those Spikes! (Ph.D. Year 1, Spring Week 9)


We went to the classroom this week and did an initial observation just to get a feel for what it is like in the classroom, and to get an idea of what it will be like when we’re in their gathering data. Lots of course work and some personal goals that I’ve been working towards that are taking up a lot of time. I have now collected all 40 charms in Hallow Knight and have received a blessing that gives me soul when I sit on a bench. Right now I’m sitting on the bench outside the last boss.

For the Interested Reader:


I listed all of my accomplishments above and so I’ll just go into a little more detail about Hollow Knight. The White Palace, which one must complete in order to receive all of the charms, is a platforming challenge nightmare. For fun I read a walk-through of the White Palace and instead of directions like go here, do this, move left, jump right, etc., the walk-through (besides suggesting different charm combinations which was useful) literally said that the White Palace is a very difficult platforming challenge and you will find yourself very irritated unless you have a lot of patience.

So I got to practice my patience. Ha ha. I want to emulate the kind of calmness while going through tough challenges like the White Palace that I want my children to have. So if I found myself getting too upset I walked away from the game.

Some of what makes the White Palace difficult is, in performing platforming challenges, you never know in Hollow Knight where an implicit checkpoint will be. If you fall back to a previous point you start back from there. And implicit points only occur where the knight can stand still out of danger. There are very few points for the knight to do this in the White Palace with long difficult challenges everywhere between. However, I did feel that tree designers did a good job of placing these implicit checkpoints.

While I was playing the White Palace on Sunday with my brother and husband watching I tried to stay alive while they tried to figure out a good strategy for me to proceed. It worked! An it made the challenges a little more fun as my brother and husband also pointed me to strategies that led to certain death: jump into those spikes! Which I did.

What’s next

  • Mid-semester update to Dr. Eliane Wiese
  • Create some redesigns for the polarity simulation
  • Course work
  • Personal goals


I know my course work is suffering because of personal goals that have come up. I’m lacking the motivation to work on my course work because of these new personal and professional goals.