Nancy N. Blackburn, MEAE. (Ph.D. expected 2027)

(nansē N blak-bərn)

University Instructor | Technical Game Designer | Researcher

ORCiD, ResearchGate

My research is focused on how meaningful play can improve our lives through the creation and practical application of game design science. As an associate instructor for the Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE) program (part of the College of Engineering) at the University of Utah, I teach game design and gameplay programming.

Courses, Instructor of Record

  • EAE 63360-001 Game Engineering III (Fall 2022, Spring 2022)
    • Updated curriculum alongside engineering faculty
    • 100% positive student feedback about instructor and curriculum
  • EAE 4900-006 The Psychology of Games (Spring 2023, Spring 2021)
    • Co-created course with Dr. Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera
  • EAE: Game Design and Game Curriculum (Summer 2020)
    • Designed curriculum for teen and preteen novice game developers

Research Interests and Publications

  • Serious Game Design
  • Serious Games/Meaningful Play
  • Game Design Science
  • Human-Centered Computing (HCC/HCI)
  • Computational Models


Faith & family first, career second, and creating, playing, and having fun ALWAYS!