Helping Hand

I received requests to put all my articles on the following topics in one place to make them easier to locate. Here are the topics:

Just giving the people what they want!

Version Control (aka Source Control) Reference

By request: here’s a list of quick links to articles I’ve written on version control with their descriptions so they’re easy to find, as requested.

  1. Why Learn Version Control: when used well, it’s going to save you a lot of angst! It helps with cooperation, and it saves you from yourself!
  2. Getting Started with Git: Resource links: what you need to get started.
    1. A few different git interfaces for Windows (Hint, if you want to be a pro, use the command line!),
    2. The top book on git, Pro Git, which is the book that will make you a pro at git. 😉
  3. A Reference for Setting Up Git for the First Time: A Very Brief Overview of Installation and Set-Up
  4. Tips for using version control (specifically git) as a solo dev and in a team.
  5. Help with specific git commands:
    1. Git branching: the basics, remote, branching strategies
    2. Git tags: the basics, and more advanced commands

Summer Camp

Find the continual learning resources here

If you are interested in potential future summer camps let us know on the Facebook page!


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