Ph.D. Adventures!

Meeting with Myself (Ph.D. Year 1, Spring Week 6)

I’m using text-to-speech to write this week’s blog. Please forgive anything that I missed correcting.


This week I got scheduled. I scheduled a time to do my research. I also got a mentor to hold me accountable for my research times. It’s actually opened up my schedule to have these times set. I survived my heavy course load and even with that I still held my meetings with myself and read through six articles related to my literature review and educational game design research.

For the Interested Reader:


I spoke with Rogelio last week and chose two times to be held accountable to do my research. During those times At the beginning, I tell him what I would like to focus on and/or accomplish, and at the end of that time, I tell him what I accomplished. I could make it better by sharing what I will focus on for next time. Having this time set aside has really helped me to focus on my research and put it first over other school and Ph.D. related activities. These times are meetings with myself. So if anyone tries to reschedule during those times, I just tell them that I have a meeting. 

Despite my heavy course load being able to keep to my research was a very big accomplishment for me, and I was also able to complete all of my coursework and last week was my heaviest coursework load of the semester. This shows me that this is something that I can stick to you even in the future. The two times. They chose our short periods of time 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours and yet even with just two of those times. I am much further along than I would have been if I hadn’t set that time aside. I use this in other areas of my life to schedule other things that I have been deprioritizing. Even just giving them half an hour to one or two hours, then they don’t fall by the wayside and never get any attention.

What’s next

  • Make an outline for my literary review. 
  • Make a mapping function between usability heuristics and instructional design.
  • Coursework 
  • Personal goals


Patience. Getting better. Taking time for self-care. Taking time to enjoy life.