Match This!

Use your well developed little brain to match the 3D objects to their photographs, or not. 🙂 You’ll get fun feedback when you make a match!

I made this game in a week with nothing but a graphics engine and rudimentary game loop (for submitting the graphics assets every frame of course!), and the assignment to “make something interesting!” Okay, so it’s not pretty, but I made it in a week, during finals!

Praise for this game:

Thanks for taking the time to discuss your project so thoroughly, and also for spending so much time making a cool game. I was impressed!”

— John-Paul (Professor for EAE 6310:Game Engineneering II, real-time graphics engineer, and graphhics engineer on the Infinity Disney games.)


This game is not the prettiest, but it was fun to make and to present to my class. And it was one of only two or three unique games made out of a class of 30.
Platform: PC, but works on wine 🙂
Controls: Use arrow keys to move the 3D object to its matching card.


Nancy Newren: Original concept, SOLE developer, game design, gameplay programmer, game engine engineer
Tools used: C++, D3D, OpenGL, Beefed up JP game engine

Special Thanks: John-Paul Ownby

Development Journey

I kept a weekly record of the development of the game engine leading up to and creating this game. Read all about it here.


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